Is Your Pension Safe?

If you have transferred your pension money from a traditional pension scheme into a SIPP, then chances are that you may have been mis-sold to. Pension transfers were often made by unscrupulous Financial Advisors and involved exotic, high-risk investments, many of which were based overseas.

Many of the investments were hopeless ‘get rich quick schemes’ yet promised huge returns. When most of them failed without ever returning any of the investment, the UK based financial authorities were powerless to act as most were based overseas and not regulated.

Airport Parking Spaces
Australia Farmland
Cape Verde Investments
Carbon Credits
CFD Trading
Chateau le las Cazine
Diamond Investments
Ecoland Brazil
Elysian Fuels
EOS Solar Energy

Ethical Forestry
Forest Lakes
Freedom Bay
Green Oil Plantations
Harlequin Property
Harmony Bay
InvestUS Property
Land Banks
M&C Energy
Physical Gold

Pure Diamonds
Rare Earth Metals
The Resort Group
Rimondi Grand
Salina Seas
SCS Farmland
Stirling Mortimer
Store Pods
Sustainable Agro Energy
Venture Oil
Wine Investments

You may be able make a claim if any of the following statements apply to you:

  • You weren’t aware of how the money was going to be invested

  • You were pressurised into making an investment

  • You weren’t fully informed of the level of risk involved

  • Your money was used for a high-risk venture without your understanding or agreement

  • The investment was unsuitable for your needs

  • You were misled over the charges for the SIPP and charges

  • Promised investment returns didn’t happen

  • You were told 100% of your money would be returned but lost most or all of your money!

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If you have moved your pension out of a workplace scheme after advice from a pension company or an independent financial adviser your pension may be at risk. Faradays Legal are experts in securing compensation for people who have been badly advised.